Thursday, February 18, 2010

Supplying Your CD Dupliation Master

On our website we try to make it very clear that the client is responsible for the content they provide to us on their CD duplication or replication master disc copy. In return, we warranty that the disc replication or duplication will be “exact clones of the Master”. To quote the website, it says:
  • We do not review the Master copies you provide to us. This is because your Master copies are deemed to have been supplied to us in final form, which means you have reviewed them and confirm that they are ready to manufacture as supplied without the requirement for any modifications.
  • It is very important that you review to your CD duplication Master copies from beginning to end - all the way through - to ensure they perform EXACTLY as intended with no errors, skips, pops, fade-outs, etc.
  • Remember: The CDs you are getting manufactured will be exact clones of the Master copies you provide to us, so whatever is on your Master disc copies will be on the finished product.
  • Be sure to test your Master disc and copies on different play-back units, both old and new, just to make sure your files are formatted properly for the widest possible compatibility.
Sometimes our clients ask the question “Why?”

The main reason is this quite simple: Only the client knows how their master is supposed to perform. For us to decide if aspects of a master are intentional or in error would take a considerable amount of time and, at best, be nothing more that a guess.

Guessing isn’t an acceptable option at any time, especially when you take into consideration that the majority of masters are being produced by people who would have to be considered “do-it-yourselfers” as opposed to professionals... so the only way to be sure that the CD duplication master is exactly right is to leave the responsibility in the clients hands.

In addition, due to the volume of orders placed each day it wouldn’t be possible to review every master supplied to us from beginning to end without it affecting bottom-line costs. If we did provide the personnel to make such an undertaking possible, the cost would have to be added to the selling price of the product.