Tuesday, April 3, 2012

Professional Vinyl Record Pressing

We are very pleased to announce professional vinyl record pressing and pacakging has now been added to our line of products and services!

Having partnered with the top vinyl record pressing plant in the USA, we will be providing all of the print and pacakging elements from our own commercial print division here in-house to provide you with the very best in quality, service, and pricing.

Our introductory offering includes the following:
  • Lacquer masters and stampers included
  • 7" pressed vinyl records
  • 12" pressed vinyl records
  • Full colour printed record labels (CMYK) included
  • White paper dust-cover sleeves included
  • Four test pressings included
Introductory packaging options include:
  • Classic 7" and 12" printed record jackets
    (minimum order for 7" vinyl is 100 units, minimum order 12" vinyl is 300 units)
  • Unprinted 7" and 12" white cardobard record jackets
    (minimum order for 7" and 12" is 100 units)
  • Clear poly sleeves with printed paper inserts
    (minimum order for 7" vinyl is 100 units, minimum order for 12" vinyl is 300 units)
  • Pre-press and one round of PDF proofs included
Questions or comments? Don't hesitate to contact us - we hope that we can be of service for all your vinyl record pressing needs! :)

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CDwest.ca is your factory-direct source for CD manufacturing with eco-friendly print and packaging. As the sole CD replication plant in Western Canda, we provide you with the best combination of quality, service and price in the market. We are now pleased to also be offering professional vinyl record pressing with eco-packaging and even custom-printed USB memory sticks.

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